Freewave T-9 Radios – Traffic Signal Control

Freewave T-9 Traffic Signal Control

Freewave designed the T-9 radio specifically for traffic signal control, utilizing the standard loop detector rack, which is common to this application. The T-9 radio can be used in systems with 170, 2070, or NEMA controllers. Since it operates in the 900 MHz ISM band, no licensing approval is required. Freewave 900 MHz radios are frequency hopping spread spectrum radios and have become the industry standard for robust, reliable, long range data communications – in fact this radio can transmit up to 100 km with clear line of sight. Also, since it is part of the 900 MHz FGR radio family, it is fully compatible with the other FGR models, allowing for the development of a complex data network when required.

A summary of this radio is given below, and in addition, brochures are available for download that include detailed specifications. Please give us a call or contact us on-line to discuss this uniquely designed radio and how it can fit in your traffic signal control application.

Frequency Range 902 – 928 MHz (FHSS)
Output Power 5 mW to 1 W
Data Range 100 km, clear line of sight
RF Data Rate 153.6 kbps (high speed); 115.2 kbps (standard speed)
Protocol RS232/RS485/RS422
Data Connector DB9
RF Connector SMA Female
Enclosure Board only; 1 slot width, standard loop detector rack
Operating Temperature -40°C to +75°C


Download the Freewave T-9 Data Sheet.