Dycor Remote Monitoring Station Live Weather Data

9.97 °C
Relative Humidity
Barometric Pressure
99.69 kPa
18.20 km/h
1 Hour Gust
29.00 km/h
Wind Chill
7.50 °C

Data Displayed is one-hour rolling average data from S1/S2

Latest daytime image from from S1 (Edmonton, AB)

S1 = Solar Test Stand #1 deployed Aug. 24, 2020

S2 = Solar Test Stand #2 deployed Oct. 27, 2020

Location: Edmonton Alberta


Remote Station Development and Testing

From remote power, to data logging and control – Dycor’s remote stations solar power, data logging, edge computing and control capability, radio communications and more.

We have solutions for some of the most extreme environments on earth where you only get 1 hour of sunlight per day in cold arctic temperatures.


Remote monitoring systems have applications across markets.  Dycor supports Scientific and Regulatory Environmental Monitoring of soils or stream-flow, energy sector applications for remote well-site monitoring and control, and even municipal management of water storage, sewage or drainage. Data collection and wireless communications are just the start of our capabilities.  Dycor SmartVue also allows autonomous control of valves, gates, or sampling equipment.

Dycor specializes in adding smarts to data collection tasks that are traditionally taxing and costly.  From adding power customization for remote logging solutions to implementing cutting edge sensor and data-collection functions, Dycor can make your remote data analysis needs simpler, more efficient, and more accurate.

Developing Intelligent Power Management into remote monitoring systems is a hallmark of our implementations, and the Solar Test Stands operated by our clients operate autonomously with green power solutions is some of the harshest environments in Canada.

Technology Under Review

  • Data Acquisition
  • Wireless data communications
  • Edge Computing
  • MQTT data Transmission
  • Data Processing and Real time reporting
  • Solar panels
  • Battery formulation evaluation
  • Methanol Fuel Cell integration
  • Daily Polling vs. Real Time communications
  • Video / Still Image capture
  • Field Node configuration

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    Directional antenna configuration for LOS communications with station