SmartFilter TC™ Thermocouple Transmitter

Dycor SmartFilter TC Thermocouple TransmitterDycor’s SmartFilter TC™ is the industry’s most advanced thermocouple transmitter for high electrical noise environments. It features electrical isolation up to 4,500 Volts, a wide operating temperature range (-40°C to +70°C), sensor burnout detection, loop resistance measurement in Ohms, Modbus communications, 4-20mA analog output and the ability to read thermocouples with loop resistances up to 50K ohms. It also features low power requirements, enabling operation with battery and solar charging for remote installations.

The SmartFilter TC™ thermocouple transmitter is designed to meet the most challenging measurement conditions.

Robust Feature Set For High Noise Environments

  • Wide Operating Temperature Range from -40°C to +70°C
  • 4,500 VAC isolation
  • Type K, J, E, T thermocouples, others available on request
  • Modbus RTU protocol
  • Modbus registers for T/C and CJC temperature
  • Modbus register for loop resistance
  • Modbus register settings allow for user defined limits
  • RS-485 output, up to 247 slave addresses and nodes
  • Measures thermocouple loop resistance
  • Open thermocouple detection
  • Status LED
  • 4-20mA scalable linearized output
  • DIN rail mountable

SmartFilter TC™ Thermocouple Transmitter Specifications

Model 100-0655 Thermocouple Input Types
Thermocouple Type E,  -200°C to +800°C
Thermocouple Type J,  -210°C to +1000°C
Thermocouple Type K, -200°C to +1372°C
Thermocouple Type T, -200°C to +400°C
Other Thermocouples on Request
ADC resolution 22 bit
Standards NIST ITS-90 thermocouple linearization
Cold Junction measurement compensation error ±0.5°C
Thermocouple maximum loop resistance Up to 50,000 Ω
Normal mode rejection 100dB at 50/60 Hz
Low pass filter cutoff frequency 30Hz
Differential mode rejection ratio (DMRR) Up to 10Vpk
Sample rate 1 reading every 2.6 – 7.6 seconds  (programmable)
Total temperature error (Basic Error) over -40°C to +70°C ambient <1.0°C
TC table Linearization Error ±0.05%
Error contribution with loop resistance Basic error + 0.2°C at 5KΩ (500m),
+ 0.5°C at 10KΩ (1km),
1°C at20KΩ (2km), 2°C at 30KΩ (3km),
<3.5°C at 45KΩ (4km)
Loop time constant correction feature to reduce cable capacitance effects (with cable capacitance > 0.05uF) 1s per km recommended (Use OTC decay setting to calibrate distance for best accuracy. Adds to Sample Rate – user settable)
Two port isolation 4500Vrms for 1 minute for RS485 and Current Loop; power 4500Vrms for 1min
Operating temperature -40°C to +70°C
Connections Removable screw terminal blocks, 5mm pitch
Mounting DIN rail
Dimensions without connectors 102mm H x 118mm D x 17.5mm W
Weight with connectors 118g (100g without)
Certifications Class 1 Division 2 (C1D2) Hazardous Location Approval Pending
Power supply 10 to 30VDC
Power consumption <1W (63mA@ 12VDC, 25mA @ 30VDC
(no communication))
Analog output resolution Scalable 16 bit over 4-20mA range, compliance voltage 6VDC
Serial communications RS-485 half duplex, 1200 – 115200 baud, 8-bit, None/Even/Odd Parity, 1 Stop bit
Slave Address Range 1-247
Maximum number of nodes 247
Model Number 100-0655

Note: Specifications subject to change without notice