Magnetic Pickup Signal Conditioner – 4 Channels

Dycor Magnetic Pickup Signal ConditionerDycor’s Magnetic Pickup Signal Conditioner is a multi-channel signal conditioner for use with up to 4 magnetic pickup sensors in rough industrial environments. It specializes in reading low amplitude signals, processing the data, and then converting the data and providing a distinct 0 to 5 V TTL waveform signal output, with recognizable peaks and troughs. The TTL waveform can, in most cases, connect directly to field instrumentation for further control and monitoring.

How Magnetic Pickup Sensors Work

Magnetic pick-up sensors sense a sudden change in a magnetic field of a passing target (close proximity), without any physical contact. They are able to function well in harsh and extreme conditions and are used in a variety of industrial applications to measure speed, counting, or position sensing, with primary targets being slotted wheels, sprockets and gears, and bolt heads. A magnetic pickup sensor may also be known as a magnetic speed pick up, a magnetic proximity switch, or a Hall effect sensor. The raw signal generated by the sensors is very


Supply Voltage 10-30VDC
Temperature -40°C to +70°C
Power consumption (non active) 3.5mA
Power consumption (all active) 15mA
Number of Channels 4
Frequency range 10Hz < Fin < 5KHz
Input trigger threshold 10mV (5-200Hz), Refer to Input Sensitivity Graph Below
Input Impedance 2KΩ@ 1kHz
Maximum Input Voltage 35VDC
TTL Output level 5V
TTL Output Impedance 1KΩ
TTL Output drive current 5mA
Open Collector output Up to 40VDC (with pull-up resistor)
Open Collector Output sink current 100mA
Open Collector Output Resistance 100Ω internal in series with output
Weight 76g (2.7oz) 106g with plug-in connectors
Dimensions (See Note 1) 17.5mm L(0.7”) x 111mm W(4.4”) x 79mm H(3.12”)
Model Number 100-0649

Note 1: Add 4mm to allow for the connector plug overhang on the last unit.

Input Sensitivity Graph