Validyne Engineering – Pressure Transducers And More

Validyne Engineering began as a company manufacturing low cost pressure sensors, back in 1968. While they are still a premier provider of pressure transducers, they have expanded their range of products to include signal conditioning components and full blown data acquisition systems.

Validyne Pressure Transducers and Transmitters

Validyne’s pressure transducer line of products includes the following categories:

  • General Purpose – with 4-20mA or 5Vdc analog outputs; USB, Serial, or CANBus digital outputs
  • Test & Measurement Grade – with 0.1% Accuracy (BFSL) and various analog or digital outputs
  • High Line Pressure – with maximum line pressure of 12,500 psig
  • Ultra Low Pressure – differential & gauge from 0.10″ H2O FS, absolute from 0.08 PSIA FS
  • OEM Sensors – a number of the pressure transducers can be provided as OEM modules

Validyne Signal Conditioning Equipment

The rackmount signal conditioning system includes a series of module cases and a variety of modules, providing a flexible and low cost system that can be tailored to your specific needs. The cases can accept either 10 or 20 plug-in modules, depending on the model. Validyne manufactures several plug-in modules, including:

  • frequency to voltage converter
  • strain gage amplifier
  • vibration monitoring amplifier
  • band-pass filter
  • carrier demodulator
  • platinum resistance thermometer
  • high gain dual output
  • linear/integration amplifier
Validyne Signal Conditioning Module

Validyne Data Acquisition Systems

Three different data acquisition systems are being built by Validyne. The first is a PC based data acquisition system that includes either a PCI based card, or an external USB box, both with the ability to connect directly to the sensor inputs.

The second system is a vehicle based data acquisition system that can be used for vehicle HVAC testing, radiator or AC condenser testing, or aircraft flight testing.

The third system is a complete data acquisition system, with 4096 channels of analog data; accepts strain gages, VR sensors, DC volts; includes signal conditioning for sensors; includes A/D conversion; standard +/-10 Vdc analog outputs; and supports fiber optic or serial data streams.

Validyne Data Acquisition Card

Additional Validyne Information

Dycor is the official reseller of all Validyne products in Western Canada. Please feel free to view the detailed specifications on any of these products at the Validyne website: If you have any questions or would like to purchase any Validyne product, please give us a call or contact us on-line.