Shinyei Technology – Humidity Sensors And More

Shinyei has been manufacturing a range of humidity sensors and high accuracy instruments for measurement and calibration of relative humidity and dew point parameters since 1970.

Their products include:

Humidity and Humidity/Temperature Sensors

Shinyei manufactures small, high-polymer resistive type humidity sensors for OEM use. The sensors are small, light-weight, lead free and environmentally safe. They feature a wide operating temperature range from 0 to 60°C and an operating humidity range of 20 – 95% RH. Shinyei also carries a humidity module for automotive or other industrial applications with a -30 to +80°C temperature range and 10 – 95% RH range.

Shinyei Humidity Sensor

Chilled Mirror Dew Point Hygrometers

Shinyei has three chilled mirror systems for varying temperature ranges. These chilled mirrors can be used as a calibration standard for humidity, for the management of humidity in high accuracy environments such as clean rooms or dry rooms, or for the dew point measurement of corrosive gases. Their technology includes peltier thermoelectric mirror cooling, and an auto mirror cleaning function. The units are also able to measure corrosive gases, including Sulfur Oxides (SOx), Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Bromine (Br), and Chlorine (Cl).

Shinyei Chilled Mirror

Humidity Generators

Divided flow humidity generators produce humidity in the full range from 0 ~ 100%rh with high stability and reproducibility. They have an accuracy of +/- 1% RH, quick establishment of the desired humidity, and are easy to operate. Use of these humidity generators as a standard calibration chamber for humidity sensors, or in a manufacturing controlled environment where semi-conductors or pharmaceutical products are built.

If your application requires humidity measurement or generation, give us a call or contact us on-line, and one of our technical sales staff will be pleased to provide more information on Shinyei’s products.

Shinyei Humidity Generator