Industrial Sensors To Match Tough Requirements

As specialists in data acquisition and control systems, Dycor has worked with many industrial sensor manufacturers to find the right sensor for any application. As an equipment supplier to the Canadian OIl and Gas Industry, we understand the challenges involved with the installation of sensors in rugged terrain and the requirement for high reliability over extreme climate conditions – we know you don’t want to troublesheet a sensor failure in -40C weather! When you ask us for a recommendation on an individual sensor or a complete sensor suite, you can know that we take the tough industrial requirements seriously, and will find the best, cost effective sensor available for your specific application.

Over the years we have integrated the following industrial sensor types into custom or off-the-shelf data acquisition and process control systems:
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Humidity/Moisture
  • Position/Proximity
  • Motion/Velocity/Displacement
  • Optical
  • Leak/Level
  • Acceleration/Vibration
  • Acoustic/Ultrasonic
  • Chemical/Gas
  • Electric/Magnetic
  • Flow
  • Force/Load/Torque/Strain

We can provide you with a turn-key system that includes the appropriate industrial sensors, signal conditioning, data acquisition and/or process control hardware, software development, and testing/certification approvals. Give us a call  today or contact us on-line for more information on sensors or to supply you with a quote on a turn-key system.

In addition to these full spectrum systems, Dycor is a reseller of the following pressure and temperature/humidity sensors.

Validyne Engineering – Cost Effective Pressure Sensors

Dycor is the Western Canadian reseller of Validyne products, including their pressure transducers/transmitters. Visit our Validyne Sensor page for more information on their product lines.


Shinyei Technology – Humidity Instruments

Visit our Shinyei Sensors page for more information on their products.