Human Machine Interface (HMI) for Data Acquisition Systems

The HMI is a key component of many data acquisition and control & monitoring systems. A solid interface provides the user with the ability to visualize the data and make configuration changes quickly and efficiently. For rugged, outdoor industrial applications, the physical environment, such as temperature and sunlight, can cause significant difficulties for the user interface. Dycor designs and manufactures DAQ systems taking these factors into account, and ensures that every HMI selected for use in a DAQ system meets your requirements, minimizing down-time and maintenance required.

In addition to selecting the best HMI for your application, Dycor’s expertise extends to the ability to interface the HMI to other components of the system, including sensors, data logging components, and communications interfaces such as wireless radios. Our software developers will work with you to develop the requirements for the HMI user interface, and then write all of the software code.

Maple Systems HMI

Dycor is an authorized reseller of Maple Systems HMI’s. These HMI’s are high quality, with an excellent operator interface, and they have solutions for every industry. More information on Maple HMI’s is available here.

Maple HMI

SmartVue HMI

When a robust HMI is required for outdoor climates, Dycor’s SmartVue® may provide the solution you are looking for. With a sunlight readable armoured touchscreen LCD, SmartVue® operates in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +70°C.

SmartVue HMI

HMI Turn-Key Systems For Any Application

Our technical team can design a complete data acquisition system to your specifications, and then complete manufacturing and conduct integration testing. We will build the HMI into an appropriate enclosure, ensuring that the physical environment does not hinder performance of the system. We also specialize in Class I Division 2 (C1D2) hazardous location applications, and can design, build, and test systems to meet these requirements.



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