SmartVue assembly

The SmartVue Assembly Process

This is the room where we assemble the SmartVue. Part of that process involves sending circuit boards out to be manufactured. There are five circuit boards inside the SmartVue, and these were all designed in-house by our staff. Once we receive all of the circuit boards back, we incorporate them into the enclosure, so that…

dataTaker devices

dataTaker Models and Variations

The dataTaker product line comes in three main categories of loggers: We have the DT80 and the 80g, we have the 82i and the 82e, and we also have the DT85 series. We’ll just go over a few of the features on the three different categories. The DT80 and the DT80g have five analog input…

Setting up processes on the SmartVue

Setting up a New SmartVue Process

After the SmartVue has been tested, we put the current version of the firmware on it, and right now I’m gonna show you how to set up a simple process, and display that process data on the screen, on the meter screen. When you power up a SmartVue, it’s pre-configured with a process and a…


Licenced Radio Vs Unlicensed Radio

Hi my is Masem Saleh –  I’m with Dycor Technologies and I’m a technical sales and support specialist. There are two different types of data radios, a licensed radio and an unlicensed radio. We’ve seen a shift towards unlicensed radios in the industry mainly due to the cost associated with licensed radios and having to pay…


What is DataTaker?

Hi my name is Masem Saleh, I’m with Dycor Technologies, and I’m a technical sales and support specialist. So the data taker is a low power industrial data logger with universal inputs. It can be easily configured to connect to different kinds of sensors that we have in the industry. The data taker with Dycor…


What does Dycor Do?

Hello I’m Jamie Guay with Dycor and I’m the Senior Production Engineer. At Dycor we develop from scratch. From the customer’s requirements, using hardware, software, and mechanical design techniques to produce a finished product. Often for rugged environments. We can produce products that are suitable for environments from the Arctic, to the Gulf Coast. We…


Master Flo Valve Inc. Acquires Dycor

Edmonton, Alberta (September 20, 2017)—Master Flo Valve Inc. is pleased to announce that today it acquired Dycor Technologies Inc., another home-grown Alberta company that has been in operation for 35 years. Dycor expands Master Flo’s actuation and control offering to include data acquisition, low-power data transmittal from remote areas, and supervisory control solutions and expertise.…