Whitepapers: Dycor Technology Stack Applications

Dycor Technologies offers an array of  Technology Products, sensors, and equipment in addition to Custom integration and programming.  Below are a selection of application whitepapers that discuss how the Dycor Technology stack may be applied to service your goal.

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Remote Monitoring and Logging Stations

Dycor specializes in the development of remote stations tasked with monitoring, logging, and actively controlling valves, switches, and meters while recording data, and wirelessly transmitting results to operators geographically distant from the panels.

Dycor Conceptual Application Whitepaper: Remote Monitoring and Logging Stations (PDF)

Municipal Sensor Conversions

This whitepaper discusses the options for migrating municipal monitoring and data-logging technology infrastructure that relies on traditional telecom solutions with real-time wireless IIoT solutions.

Dycor Conceptual Application Whitepaper: Municipal Sensor Conversion (PDF)

Petroleum Liquids Transfer and Handling

This whitepaper discusses the use of Dycors suite of technology solutions to create a robust solution for handling petroleum based liquids for fuel, solvent, or other hazardous liquid transfer and filling.

Dycor Conceptual Application Whitepaper: Petroleum and Liquid Handling (PDF)

Craft Brewery Equipment Operation and Control

Small craft breweries often rely on equipment control systems built by tank manufacturers. The Dycor brewing control solution operates in the space between simple temperature controls and high end control and display systems like Specbrew.

Dycor Conceptual Application Whitepaper: Brewery Operations Controls (PDF)

Municipal Water Pressure Management

This paper discusses the implementation of a ​water pressure management system​ for Municipal water operations at multiple locations.

Dycor Conceptual Application Whitepaper: Municipal Water Pressure Management (PDF)

Laboratory Environmental Equipment Retrofit

This paper discusses a retrofit project in which Dycor Technologies were implemented to replace failing control systems in a Laboratory-grade Temperature controlled shaker system.

Dycor Lab Equipment Retrofit – Whitepaper (PDF)