Control and Data Acquisition Solutions for Tough Environments

Solutions For Your Process Control and Data Acquisition Requirements

Industrial Data Collection, Logging and Communications

Dycor-Control-Data-AcquisitionToday’s industrial applications require reliable and sophisticated process control and data acquisition systems. This includes acquiring and logging data in extreme conditions, managing PID control of multiple processes, and reliable, bulletproof communications to handle and process data collected.  You cannot afford continuous breakdowns and swap-outs that slow your production program.

Your requirements are tough, complex, and multilayered – you need quality solutions that can handle the load.  Dycor is exceptionally good at identifying and mapping out our clients’ requirements, and specifying the best, most rugged integrated solutions to meet the need.   We source and carry a variety of best-of-breed COTS products to use in building a package solution, adapting them to your requirements, then designing and building any new hardware and software capabilities that off-the-shelf can’t cover.  If we can’t find it, we’ll build it for you – so that you get a full turnkey solution, up to and including certification for Hazardous Locations and able to handle Canadian winters.  

We’ve been doing this since 1981 – there’s not much that can surprise us.  A Dycor solution is always quick lead time, repeatable, reusable, adaptable, tested before it goes out the door, and fully warranted.  Like all our clients, you can depend on Dycor’s experience, reputation, and ingenuity for Control and Data Acquisition.  Our Technical Sales team speaks your language, with full backup from our engineering team.

What Can We Do For You?

We supply Data Acquisition solutions.  We supply best-in-class Wireless Communication solutions, Sensors, and Process Control. Need a custom Plant Automation system?  Custom Electronics Design?  You’ve come to the right place – contact our technical sales team today, and we’ll get started on a solution for you. Please follow any of the following links for detailed information on the products and services that we can provide you:


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