Petroleum Microbiology Solutions Innovations for Enhanced Oil Recovery

Releasing Trapped OOIP – Natural Surfactant Treatments

Using surfactants for trapped oil recovery in both mature reservoirs and new heavy oil operations are a relatively new way to address enhancing oil recovery – but costs are prohibitive.  Nature makes a broad range of surfactants – some from plants, others as a direct result of stimulating bacteria (including those that live naturally in reservoirs) to produce surface-active products right at the oil/rock interface.  

Dycor-SurfactantHow do these natural surfactants compare with the proven, but expensive chemical ones available in the market? How do you know whether you already have surfactant-producing bacteria living in your reservoir, and what does it take to make them work for you?  Understanding the mechanics – and economics – of these  "biosurfactants" can make the difference between leaving Original Oil in Place (OOIP) where it is, and turning your recovery operations into a profitable enterprise. 

Biological Surfactants – Bringing Down the Cost and Risk of Well Stimulation

Dycor Technologies Ltd. provides a range of solutions for applying cost-effective biologically-derived surfactants for well stimulation treatments. Our extensive laboratory and DNA testing finds and identifies the surfactant producers living naturally in your reservoirs, and designs nutrient mixtures that stimulate bacteria to make surfactants that reduce interfacial tension and strip the trapped oil from the reservoir rock and sand.  We're also working with innovative new companies deriving surfactants from plants and other natural sources, and comparing their economic and performance capabilities to chemical surfactants you've had to use thus far.

We reduce your risk by providing benchtop-based optimization trials under reservoir conditions, before we go downhole – fully transparent to you, and in direct consultation with your production and reservoir engineering teams. Our partnerships with both applied research labs and commercial service providers give you access to the best information and field proven results using natural, biological sources to enhance your oil recovery operations. Looking to compare and improve your surfactant EOR program with biological options? Contact our expert team today – we make biosurfactants work for you.

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