Petroleum Microbiology Solutions Innovations for Enhanced Oil Recovery

Enhancing Waterfloods – Accessing the Trapped OOIP Bonanza

Enhancing waterfloods is the new name of the game for accessing and freeing trapped oil from vast reservoirs of Original Oil in Place (OOIP), in mature fields across North America.  Tertiary recovery methods involving mobility control using polymer floods, and other methods of bacterial well stimulation can all contribute to making EOR efforts succeed.  

Do you know what kind of bacteria live in your reservoirs, and how to optimize the good ones and suppress the bad ones, to do the work you need downhole for enhanced oil recovery?

Enhancing Waterfloods for Permeability Modification and Improved Sweep Efficiency

Dycor-Microbes-for-OilMature conventional reservoirs under waterflood are often plagued by thief zones and established water channels that have gradually degraded recovery rates.  With oil cuts in the single digits, and costs and impact of production water escalating, the search is on for economical means to modify permeability, plug thief zones, and access new areas of the reservoir through subsequent waterfloods.  With as much as 65% of Original Oil in Place in conventional reservoirs, the time for cost-effective, proven means of stimulating reservoir microbes to enhance oil recovery has arrived.  

Dycor will help you characterize the bacteria in your well – identifying and isolating those that produce the polymers necessary for permeability modification.  Our test chambers replicate downhole conditions – allowing us to develop nutrient mixtures that optimize biopolymer production, and test them prior to going downhole – reducing your risk.  

We're building a database identifying active bacteria in oil reservoirs at the DNA level, to help determine in advance which of your wells have bacteria that respond to this innovative form of well treatment.  We'll share this information with you, as we work together to optimize enhanced oil production and reduce water handling in these mature assets – a dual benefit to your bottom line. 

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