Petroleum Microbiology Solutions Innovations for Enhanced Oil Recovery

Who are these bugs in my reservoir? And what can they do for me?

Alberta Oil ReservoirPetroleum microbiology can answer those questions:

  • Microbes produce sour gas.
  • They corrode wellbore equipment.
  • Microbes can enhance oil recovery.
  • Microbes clean up oil spills.
  • They do soil remediation…

When it comes to bacteria living in and around oil and gas, there has always been lots of credit and blame to spread around, along with a healthy dose of mystery and confusion. It's about time someone brought science, reason and practical engineering to an area that has proven potential to benefit both the industry and the environment.

It Isn't Magic – It's Science. It Isn't Secret – It's Smart

Dycor Technologies Ltd. is a company that understands and works with microbes in oil. If you need a petroleum microbiology solution for wellbore cleanup – to identify and shut down those that cause souring and H2S, or corrosion in your equipment, we're your guys. If you need well stimulation, and want to know which ones living in your reservoirs can enhance oil recovery by making surfactants, or bypass treatments for improved waterflood and sweep efficiency, we have the tools and the experts. Need soil remediation? Spill cleanup? Talk to us – we're on the leading edge of putting these organisms to work.

Our research is backed by the best minds in the country – national labs and leading geneticists work with our team of microbiologists, and we build practical solutions that fit easily into your engineering and production requirements and budgets. Meanwhile, we keep finding and developing new applications regularly – check this space for updates. Better yet – give us a call or contact us on-line, and we'll design a microbial enhanced initiative with you. 

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