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Dycor Slit Sampler

Slit to Agar Sampler

Sampling biological particles in the air has just gotten easier and more reliable. The slit-to-agar sampling instrument has long been the standard benchmark for biological aerosol sampling. As an active monitoring impaction aerosol sampler, Dycor’s slit sampler provides the high quality results that you can count on. The Dycor slit sampler collects airborne microorganisms through a high accuracy slit onto standard 150mm agar plates, and is effective in many different applications, including defense, R&D, medical, food, or pharmaceutical.

With over 20 years of experience in providing test and evaluation equipment and services for field, chamber and laboratory environments, Dycor developed the slit sampler to improve its function and usability over previous generation samplers. Our goal was to leverage our experience working with these devices into the design and manufacture of the most reliable and user-friendly slit sampler ever produced.

Download the Slit Sampler datasheet.

Key Features of the Dycor Slit Sampler

  • Ruggedized design
  • Utilizes standard 150mm agar plates
  • Simple and robust for reliability and easy field repair & maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • Calibrated flowrate/fault sensor
  • Touchscreen display for local operation and programming
  • Remote controllable and programmable with 2-way communication via computer
  • Configurable over a wide range of sampling times
  • Adjustable flowrate
  • Automated sequencing and simple interconnection of multiple slit samplers without computer
  • Backwards compatible interface for installations currently using obsolete/discontinued slit samplers
  • Optional integrated pump and battery box can be supplied for turnkey operation in remote locations

Technical Specifications

Flowrate 15 – 50 LPM, includes flow measurement and fault sensor
Sample Time/Rotation Period 30 seconds – 2 hours
Alarms/Messaging Touchscreen display provides audio and visual indications
identifying both normal events and fault incidents
Remote Alarm Dry contact trigger to initiate remote events or alarms
Remote Communication

Full 2-way communications using Dycor Slit Sampler
control software (optional)

Backwards compatible as drop in replacement for
obsolete previous generation samplers

Communication interface supports integration into
third party or customer developed software

Shunt Valve

Allows automated remote switching between multiple
samplers using single vacuum source

Protects vacuum source during standby periods of remote operation

Physical Dimensions Weight: 4.6 kg; 10.1 lbs (without power supply)
Length: 32 cm; 12.6 in
Width: 25 cm; 9.8 in
Height: 26 cm; 10.2 in
Power Supply Requirements 100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz Universal Input
24VDC @ 2.7 Amps Maximum Output (included power supply)


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