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Aerosol Diluter: ADS-A20

Dycor aerosol diluter ADS-A20Aerosols generated in industrial and environmental applications frequently require an aerosol diluter in order to fully analyze the working parameters of detection, collection and sampling devices. Dilution instrumentation has to be flexible in order to vary the concentration of the aerosol under examination.

Dycor’s ADS-A20 aerosol diluter system offers flexible and variable generation, dilution and delivery of aerosols in the 1 to 10 micron range (with Sono-Tek disseminator option) and is easily adapted to test and evaluation equipment.

ADS-A20 Aerosol Diluter Features

  • Compact platform…Easily transported and assembled
  • Simple operation…Minimal training required
  • Customizable Flow Rates…Large dynamic range of concentrations
  • Available with a variety of disseminators…Configures to suit the test protocol
  • Automated control software…Enhances tests repeatability & throughput
  • Rugged construction…Enables laboratory or field use
  • HEPA filtered inlet/waste…Avoids aerosol exposure to environment/personnel

Typical Applications

  • CBRN related R&D
  • Industrial and Pharmaceutical R&D
  • Laboratory trials
  • Field Test and Evaluation calibration

Principle of Operation

The ADS-A20 aerosol diluter is capable of flexibly generating a large range of aerosol concentrations. In conjunction with the Sono-Tek aerosol disseminator, aerosols with particle sizes in the range of 1 to 10 microns can be generated, diluted and delivered to testing environments.

The ADS-A20 contains an inlet, outlet and exhaust port. The inlet and exhaust air streams are controlled independently by blowers, both of which are HEPA filtered. The resultant aerosol concentration is established by controlling the total flow rate within the diluter chamber and the aerosol dissemination rate. The flow rate of the aerosol through the outlet port is controlled by varying the inlet-to-exhaust flow ratio.


ADS-A20 – Aerosol Diluter

Dimensions (W x H x D) 28 x 79 x 43 centimeters (11 x 31 x 17 inches)
Weight 14.9 kilograms (33 lbs)
Dilution Vessel Volume 12.3 liters (751 cu. in.)
Power Requirements 100 – 240VAC, 2.8 amps (max), 50/60Hz
Communications 10/100baseT Ethernet (wired)
Included Software LabVIEW executable, Web-based diagnostics interface
Minimum PC Requirements MS Windows XP/Vista, Pentium III 800MHz or equivalent, 128MB RAM, Wired Ethernet port
Maximum Inlet / Exhaust Flow 200 slpm (7.1 scfm)
Rated Pressure Differential (Outlet Port to Ambient) -125 to 0 Pa (-0.5 to 0 in. H20.)
Temperature Range 0 to 30°C (32 to 86F)
Humidity 5 to 90%, non-condensing
Approvals CE Marking, Special Inspection CSA/UL


ADS-A20 Aerosol Diluter with Sono-Tek Disseminator Option

Particle Size 1 to 10 microns
Liquid Dissemination Volume 2 x 60 mL (2 oz) syringes
Dissemination Rate 240 to 2400 Microliters per minute
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