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UN Secretary General Signals Warning of WMD Threat

September 2001 marked a significant milestone in the rise of a new form of international threat. The “anthrax letters” mailed to media companies and congressional offices in the United States signalled the emergence of biological Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD’s) as a clear and present danger to the international community. Taking their place alongside nuclear […]

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Tesla, Biodefense, and You – the New Public Health Reality

The golden age of antibiotics is over.  Those hopeful days when penicillin, streptomycin, and all their variations dealt a staggering blow to the pathogenic world, when optimism ran hot on the heels of eliminating smallpox, have given way to a blunt new reality of MRSAs and annual influenzas, mutated Ebola and Zika, and a significant […]

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Melioidosis – Old Infection, New Biological Weapon Concern

What happens when melioidosis, a naturally occurring bacteria found in soil, is weaponized? With renewed focus and concern on potential use of chemical and biological weapons by terrorist organizations, the tendency is to assume the worst – that known bioweapons like weaponized anthrax or smallpox, stockpiled in illegal or long-forgotten caches, could fall into the hands […]

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Chemical and Biological Agents – Back on the Front Pages

Since September 2015, there has been a steady increase in reports that ISIS is developing chemical and biological agents. There has already been some confirmation from intelligence agencies, from inside Syria and Iraq where fighting against ISIS continues, that ISIS has deployed mustard gas, and possibly sarin and chorine gas as well, against both military and […]

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Avian Influenza – From Bad to Worse

2015 has brought a significant, and alarming trend – a spike in outbreaks of Avian Influenza of varying strains around the globe.  Well-documented at, outbreaks have occurred in the United Kingdom, Vietnam, China, Ghana, Nigeria, Nepal, and Taiwan, not to mention the United States – the latter preparing itself for an anticipated record spread […]

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Dycor Awarded Chemical Aerosol Dispersion Contract

Dycor is pleased to announce the Spring 2015 contract award by the Canadian Department of National Defense for design, supply and installation of a Chemical Aerosol dispersion study capability at the Defense Research and Development Canada facilities in Suffield, Alberta.  This expands on Dycor’s core understanding of the behavior and characteristics of aerosolized particles, branching […]

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2015 Global Petroleum Show Wrapup

Amidst falling oil prices, and predictions of gloom and doom from naysayers outside the business, the 2015 edition of the annual Global Petroleum Show in Calgary, Canada finished up on June 11, 2015 with a near-record attendance of over 50,000 visitors – including an impressive showing from international exhibitors and participants.  The theme for this […]

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SmartVue Includes Datalogging Capability

We continue to develop new features for the SmartVue™ Process Controller. Our most recent additions include data logging capability and a serial (RS-232/485) communications interface.  SmartVue™ can store up to 450 MB of data, for exporting through the USB, Ethernet, or Serial ports. We are able to log all sensor data collected, including J1939 CANBUS data. Also, […]

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