SmartVue™ Process Control Monitor and LCD Display



SmartVue™ was designed to meet industry's needs for a wide temperature range, LCD graphical display touchscreen meter. It has been used in many challenging environments to show operational information and to manage PID control of processes.

SmartVue shows operational information and provides PID control of processes. This device is a digital/graphical panel meter that accepts a wide variety of inputs, and scales and displays the results in different formats. SmartVue can also take a specific input type and convert it to a scaled output type to provide signal conversion.

Application examples include the ability to output a 1-5 volt signal based on a scaled 4-20 mA input signal, or to control any analog or digital output based on a J1939 CANBUS input.

Besides displaying the scaled input signal in your choice of engineering units, SmartVue can also show a line graph representation of the variable chosen, and allow the user to scroll through its historical values.

SmartVue allows the configuration of up to two individual PID loops for user control. These loops can be used to control separate processes in your system.

The display screen in SmartVue can be configured to display the current raw or scaled value of 1, 2, 3 or 4 variables of your process. The 3.5-inch LCD display is sunlight readable and the touchscreen is armoured glass to allow it to be used in rugged environments. The LCD meter is designed to be installed in a panel, and the face is NEMA4 rated when installed using the included gasket.

SmartVue supports a wide variety of configurable inputs:

  • 2 dedicated analog inputs
  • 4 dedicated analog outputs
  • 1 RTD input
  • 6 user configurable shared analog or digital inputs
  • 5 user configurable counters/tachometer inputs/quadrature encoders

SmartVue is a powerful display/display device, and additional features planned for future releases include data-logging and Modbus support.

For a complete list of specifications, please visit the website or download the SmartVue brochure.


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