A sunlight-readable touchscreen display, measurement, & control device responding to industry’s need for a wide temperature range, LCD graphical display touchscreen meter.

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A sunlight-readable touchscreen display, measurement, & control device responding to industry’s need for a wide temperature range, LCD graphical display touchscreen meter.

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Welcome to Dycor...

Dycor-Bright-IdeasFor the past 35 years, Dycor has lived at the intersection of innovation and technology, delivering tried and tested solutions for specialized applications worldwide. Whether you need a system to work under tough climate conditions, have an operational problem that requires creativity to solve, or just want a technology solution that meets your specific requirements and works in the real world, we can help. Do you have a proof-of-concept that needs to be taken to full commercialization? We do that too, in mutually-beneficial partnerships to bring new technology ideas to market.

At Dycor, we find the world’s most cost-effective, proven, commercial-off-the-shelf components, configuring and packaging them into fully integrated and functional subsystems to meet specific operational needs. If any aspect of the solution cannot be found, our team will design, build, and integrate new hardware and software components needed to fill capability gaps. We rigorously test what we deliver, further ensuring the integrated solution performs the way you need it to.

Dycor-Innovation-TechnologyWe make it our business to understand the components you need and how you intend to use them. We're here to help you, if you're an end-user, a field installation specialist, or a complex systems integrator who is looking for dependable and seamless functionality to add to a larger system solution.

Because the Dycor team believes in delivering the solution you require, our engagement with you is key. We will work with you from requirements definition through design, integration, qualification and testing, and follow-on service and support for everything we deliver.

What We Do At Dycor

We work in three key industrial and operational disciplines today.

  • Control and Data Acquisition – we supply solutions for data acquisition, communications, and supervisory control in tough environments. Through effective measurement and optimization, we help you reduce costs and positively impact operational efficiencies. We support many industries, including oil and gas, other natural resources, construction, manufacturing, military, public utilities, agriculture, and research & development sectors.
  • Petroleum Microbiology – we harness the natural power of microbes to clean up contaminated hydrocarbon sites as well as developing surfactant, waterflood, and other related technologies to support production and enhance oil recovery, both upstream and downstream. We are also focused on the very latest in identifying and characterizing the vast microbial populations that live and work in oil reservoirs.
  • Aerosol Analysis – we provide biological threat and disease detection systems, ambient air monitoring, aerosol particle sampling, and biological & chemical aerosol testing capability to respond to defense, security, global public health and environmental concerns. We have solutions to meet the requirements of deployed operational scenarios as well as advanced research.

Come investigate what we can do for you today – and what we can design and build with you tomorrow.

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