dataTaker® data loggers are the ideal data acquisition solution,
meeting the demands of industrial users in Canada.

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A sunlight-readable touchscreen display, measurement, & control device responding to industry’s need for a wide temperature range, LCD graphical display touchscreen meter.

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Welcome to Dycor...

Dycor-Bright-IdeasDycor lives at the intersection of innovation and technology, delivering tried and tested solutions for industrial process control and data acquisition applications worldwide. Whether you need a system to work under tough climate conditions, have an operational problem that requires creativity to solve, or just want a technology solution that meets your specific requirements and works in the real world, we can help. Today’s industrial applications require reliable and sophisticated process control and data acquisition systems. This includes acquiring and logging data in extreme conditions, managing PID control of multiple processes, and reliable, bulletproof communications to handle and process data collected.  You cannot afford continuous breakdowns and swap-outs that slow your production program.

Solutions For Process Control and Data Acquisition

Dycor-Innovation-Technology Your requirements are tough, complex, and multilayered – you need quality solutions that can handle the load.  At Dycor, we identify and map out your requirements, and specify the best, most rugged integrated solutions to meet the need.   We source and carry a variety of best-of-breed COTS products to use in building a package solution, adapting them to your requirements, then designing and building any new hardware and software capabilities that off-the-shelf can’t cover.  If we can’t find it, we’ll build it for you – so that you get a full turnkey solution, up to and including certification for Hazardous Locations and ability to handle northern climate winters, southern climate summers, or anything in between.

What Can We Do For You?

We supply Data Acquisition solutions.  We supply best-in-class Wireless Communication solutions, Sensors, and Process Control. Need a custom Plant Automation system?  Custom Electronics Design?  You’ve come to the right place – contact our technical sales team today, and we’ll get started on a solution for you. Please follow any of the following links for detailed information on the products and services that we can provide you: Come investigate what we can do for you today – and what we can design and build with you tomorrow.

Recent News

Master Flo Valve Inc. Acquires Dycor

Edmonton, Alberta (September 20, 2017)—Master Flo Valve Inc. is pleased to announce that today it acquired Dycor Technologies Inc., another home-grown Alberta company that has been in operation for 35 years. Dycor expands Master Flo’s actuation and control offering to include data acquisition, low-power data transmittal from remote areas, and supervisory control solutions and expertise. […]

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SmartVue Includes Datalogging Capability

We continue to develop new features for the SmartVue™ Process Controller. Our most recent additions include data logging capability and a serial (RS-232/485) communications interface.  SmartVue™ can store up to 450 MB of data, for exporting through the USB, Ethernet, or Serial ports. We are able to log all sensor data collected, including J1939 CANBUS data. Also, […]

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